Fishing in New Orleans right now is not too bad for February. We did have a slow trip at the beginning of the month where we did not have single bite until 1:30 in the afternoon. Conditions were at it's worst in the local area, with wind, muddy water, water temps in low 50's, and a full moon, but we worked hard for 5 Redfish that day. Speckled Trout are still in the local area and are making up for the slow Redfish bite. Live Shrimp is a must right now for the Trout, Bay Snapper, and Reds. On our calmer days, we're running to the Biloxi Marsh for Redfish. The days we have been out there, the weather was COLD, and it was a slow process catching Redfish, but with patience we plucked some out of the many schools of fish seen. We have warmer temps now and looks like it will stay that way. Good things to come! 

At your service,

Captain Drake Morvant