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Areas Fished

New OrleansHoumaBaton RougeLafayetteLake CharlesAlexandria

Welcome to Ellender Charters.  We offer inshore rod & reel and bow fishing trips, as well as, guided duck hunts.  We fish the waters south of Houma, Louisiana.  These waters range from south of Morgan City, Louisiana, to south of Grand Isle, Louisiana.  A typical trip departs from either Cocodrie or Dularge.  Like I said above, our area covers many miles and with all this area, comes an abundance of fish.  On an inshore trip, we generally target redfish and speckled trout, but we also catch many other species.  These fish include redfish, speckled trout, black drum, sheepshead, and largemouth bass.  A bow fishing trip usually targets whatever swims.  All of the inshore fish can be shot during a bow fishing trip, as well as, garfish. South Louisiana's duck hunting presents the opportunity to shoot a variety of species.  These species include blue-wing teal, green-wing teal, gadwall (grey ducks), widgeon, mallards, redheads, mottled ducks, canvasback, ringnecks, coots and scaup.  Ellender Charters caters to your wants, so if you want to strictly catch redfish, then that is what we will try to do.  If you are like the majority of people and just want to catch, then we can cater to those wants as well.  We also offer fishing and hunting combos, which are called blast and cast, so don't forget to ask about it. 

Trip Information

Regions Houma - Central
Areas Fished Cocodrie, Dularge, Dulac
Fishing Styles Rod & Reel, Bowfishing
Fish Black Drum, Red Drum (Redfish), Southern Flounder, Spotted Seatrout (Speckled Trout), Sheepshead
Inshore Fishing Yes
Offshore Fishing No

Lodging Information

Fishing Reports

10-25-20 report

I had the pleasure of having Clarence, LC, Matt, and Scott on board and they wasted no time getting to work.  From the first spot to the  la…

Josh Ellender | November 12th

10-24-20 report

Fantastic day with fantastic people!  Mr Jim brought his siblings along and it was a day of catching.  Matrix Shad under a cork by Four Hors…

Josh Ellender | November 12th


Shannon and crew did major work on the trout today.  We had a half day trip and ended it with 94, it just doesn’t get much better than this. &n…

Josh Ellender | November 12th

10-13-20 report

Great day on the water for the birthday boy and his friends!The trout bite is fantastic, so give me a call to book your trip.Capt Josh985-438-5041…

Josh Ellender | November 12th

10-4-20 report

I had Jordan and his crew on board today and for the most part, it was non stop catching.  We started the morning chasing redfish and we found th…

Josh Ellender | November 12th

10-3-20 report

I had my good friends, Timmy and Tracy, onboard today.  Started the day looking for trout, but due to the conditions, we decided to focus on redf…

Josh Ellender | November 12th

10-2-20 report

I had Chris and Charlotte on board today.  Chris wanted to put Charlotte on a big drum, well, I think we succeeded.  We caught nearly every …

Josh Ellender | November 12th

10-1-20 report

I had Jamie and his crew onboard and overall it was a fantastic trip.  Two of the three days were great fishing, while the other day, well..... l…

Josh Ellender | November 9th

9-12-20 Report

A Great first day back after my surgery.  I had Edwin, Rusty, and Allen on board and we put together a solid box of fish.  Ultraviolet Matri…

Josh Ellender | November 9th

8-17-2020 fishing report

I had Don, Hunter, Eric, and Evan onboard and although we had to throw back a ton of small trout, it was non stop action until we hit our limit. &nbsp…

Josh Ellender | August 18th

8-14-2020 fishing report

After a couple days on vacation, we had a great time today as the limits continue.  I had Louis, Roy, Mitch, and Danny onboard and they put …

Josh Ellender | August 15th

8-10-2020 fishing report

Fantastic morning with Carolyn and Karl Geist and Kenneth and Donna, as it didn’t take long for the clicker to hit 100.  As always, double rigg…

Josh Ellender | August 11th

8-9-2020 fishing report

I helped out Capt Anthony Kyzar for a bachelor party and it was another fantastic day on the water.  Fast and furious trout action had us finishi…

Josh Ellender | August 10th

8-8-2020 fishing report

What a day!!!! Started off early with small fish and ended the day with hammers!  Double rigged Matrix Shad did the damage today!  The recor…

Josh Ellender | August 8th

8-3-2020 report

What a day!  It was a one stop shop for Jeremy and his girls!  Lots of catching and back early to get them on the road.  Double rigged …

Josh Ellender | August 4th

8-1-2020 report

Our day started off with the small trout bug, but after a few moves we finally found some keepers and then it was game on!  Matrix Shad under a c…

Josh Ellender | August 2nd

7-21-2020 report

Dan wanted to battle the bulls and he got all he could handle.  First fish of the day was pushing 40 lbs, which set a pretty high standard and al…

Josh Ellender | August 1st

7-17-2020 report

Day 2 with Lamar Jones was cut short, due to the storms, but it definitely didn’t disappoint.  First stop we had them coming in ever cast, unti…

Josh Ellender | August 1st

7-16-2020 report

It has been a minute since my last post, but the fishing continues to be fantastic.  I had Lamar Jones back onboard and what a fantastic day. &nb…

Josh Ellender | August 1st

7-30-2020 report

I had Nalco back onboard and their trip didn’t disappoint.  Live shrimp under a cork by Four Horsemen Tackle was the trick.  Fishing conti…

Josh Ellender | August 1st

7-31-2020 report

Great day on the water.  After a few stops we had trout coming in every cast.  Matrix Shad double rigs did the trick at the first couple spo…

Josh Ellender | August 1st

6-17-20 report

Day 2 with Lamar Jones, Allen, and Jonathan was another good one.  The speck bite continues to be great, but our bullred bite was not.  Over…

Josh Ellender | June 18th

6-16-20 report

Lamar Jones and his crew was back on board and although we had to work for them, we still ended up with a solid box of fish.  (Lamar was camera s…

Josh Ellender | June 18th

6-15-20 report

I had Dustin, Mickey, and Greg on board and they put a whoopin on the specks.  Limits continue and double rigged Matrix Shad was the trick. &nbsp…

Josh Ellender | June 18th

6-14-20 report

Great day today with Eric and his two girls.  It was a one stop shop for us and double rigged Matrix Shad did the trick again. Give me a cal…

Josh Ellender | June 18th

6-13-20 report

We had to work for them today, but the limits continue.  Double rigged Matrix Shad and rattle shrimp under a cork by Four Horsemen Tackle did the…

Josh Ellender | June 14th

6-5-20 report

I had Darryl Martin, Michelle Martin, Dan, and Liv onboard today and the speckled trout never stood a chance, as we limited by 745!  Not sure if …

Josh Ellender | June 7th

6.4.20 report

Phil, Phe, Brett, and Julie wasted no time on the trout today.  The bite was insane but we were having more throwbacks than normal.  Ne…

Josh Ellender | June 6th

6/2/20 report

Another fantastic trip in the books.  Natalie and Steven were back onboard and they hammered the speckled trout.  Limits by 930.  Doubl…

Josh Ellender | June 4th

6-3-20 report

Had good friend Mike Giroir and his family onboard and they put the smackdown on the speckled trout.  Doubled rigged Matrix Shad helped us get ou…

Josh Ellender | June 4th

Solid box

Day 1 with Edwin,  Henry, and Ron was a good one.  We found ourselves in a slack tide situation nearly everywhere we went, but still managed…

Josh Ellender | May 31st

Fantastic second day

Day 2 with Lamar Jones and Raymond was just as good as the first.  Our trout bite started out hot but quickly died.  No problem, after a cou…

Josh Ellender | May 28th

These boys do it again

Lamar Jones and Raymond were back at it and just when I think they can’t out do a previous trip, they prove me wrong.  These boys showed no mer…

Josh Ellender | May 27th

Windy day limit

I had Jimmy and Aiden on board and although the winds were up, more limits hit the deck of the Blackjack!  On the way in, we decided to hit a few…

Josh Ellender | May 26th

Great times!

Mr. James Small and crew were back onboard and they put a hurting on the trout.  Live shrimp under either a 4horseman cork or a sliding cork was …

Josh Ellender | May 25th

Quick, half day action

Had a quick half day trip with a group of great guys and although we didn’t limit, they still had plenty of fish to take home.  Capt Josh985-43…

Josh Ellender | May 25th

Day 2 with Iei

Day 2 with IEI was a little slower than the first, but just as good.  From site casting bullreds to catching trout with the Four Horseman Cork, w…

Josh Ellender | May 25th

Day 1 with IEI 

Day 1 with IEI was nothing short of fantastic.   It was a one stop shop for us and these boys put a hurting on the trout.  Thanks to Capt Au…

Josh Ellender | May 25th

Day 2 was better

Another limit for Shawn, Jack, and Andy before 845! Trout bite is on fire, so give me a call to come do some catching! Capt Josh985-438-5041…

Josh Ellender | May 17th

Raining day action

A little rain delay couldn’t even slow down the speckled trout action.  As soon as we pulled up, it was on.  Glow Matrix Shad on a Deathgr…

Josh Ellender | May 17th

The Sheepshead Bite Continues

I had Phil, Don, and Jeff back onboard and day 1 was record setting.  The only issue we had was the tide.  It was running extremely hard, bu…

Josh Ellender | March 21st

Fantastic Sheepshead Bite

Chuck and Tim were back onboard and they were looking to bring a few sheepshead home, well I think we did just that.  It was a fantastic day for …

Josh Ellender | March 20th

Sheepshead and speckled trout

Had the pleasure of good friend Lamar back on board for a couple days of fishing.  The first day was windier than expected, so we decided to chas…

Josh Ellender | March 19th

Great opening day of duck season

Great opening day!  Limited on ducks, reds, and LSU beat Bama, it just doesn’t get any better.  I helped out Capt Anthony Kyzar for a blas…

Josh Ellender | November 10th, 2019

Redfish slam Blackjack coastal style

Today was a one stop shop.  We had tailing redfish the entire time we were catching, which made for an easy day. Screaming drags and double hook …

Josh Ellender | November 10th, 2019

Fantastic trout bite

I had Nalco back onboard and it was a fantastic morning.  Pulled up to the first spot and it was game on.  We had birds diving,  shrimp…

Josh Ellender | May 18th, 2019

Screaming drags

I had the pleasure of guiding Ronnie and his crew on board today and they wanted Bullreds,  well bullreds is what they got.  First area we f…

Josh Ellender | May 12th, 2019

Bullred action

Lamar and Raymond were back on board and it was a day of screaming drags.  We had plenty of double hook ups on the bullreds and ended up leaving …

Josh Ellender | May 9th, 2019

Schooling Redfish

I had the pleasure of having Billy and his wife Hollace back on board today. The winds were up, so we decided to hit the ponds and I am sure glad we d…

Josh Ellender | May 8th, 2019