Take Me Catchin':

Why Charter?

Local Experienced Guides

Many of our guides have grown up in the areas that they explore with their customers. A lifetime of experience allows them to keep their customers on the fish.

Licensed & Insured

Every guide you find listed on this website is verified to be legally licensed to offer charter fishing trips in the state of Louisiana. The state requires charter captains to provide proof of liability insurance to obtain this license.

Equipment & Techniques

While providing all of the equipment for a wonderful day of fishing, our captains also understand the importance of being flexible and adaptable to changes in conditions or the needs of their clients.

Stress Free

Nothing could be easier. Just show up, step in the boat and leave the rest to us!


Texas guys catch everything swimming!

When your given Lemons, you make Lemonade.  When your given crappy fishing conditions, you do everything possible to produce…and thats what we …

Marty LaCoste | November 24th

Tennessee guy smack the trout 

Terry Roberts and friend were back with us again.  First and only stop had the specks flying into the boat just about every cast.  TKO Shrim…

Marty LaCoste | November 24th

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