Swordfish ()

This highly migratory species move to warmer waters in the winter, and cooler waters in the summer. Can be found at depths over 2000 feet, and as shallow as 300 feet or less.

State Record

310.0 pounds, 1980.

Fishing Tips

Swordfish favor deeper waters during the day, so prepare to go as deep as 2000 feet to catch them. You may need weights of at least five pounds to get your bait down far enough. Nighttime is when swordfishing is at its best because they swim much higher in the water column (no deeper than 300 feet). Use mullet, mackerel, or squid as bait.

State Record:
310 pounds, Thomas Dantin, 1980

Swordfish - State Record: 310 pounds, Thomas Dantin, 1980

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