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Captain Ron “Ahab” Broadus hails from Lumberton, Mississippi, approximately 90 miles north of New Orleans. He acquired an MBA from UNO and in 1980 accepted a job as Human Resources Director of Charity Hospital.

For years, Broadus fished the Delacroix area and at some point for the price of “fuel and bait” would take out friends and guests. Ultimately, friends encouraged him to get his captain’s license, and he began working for several regional guide services on a part-time basis. Now that he’s retired, he dedicates himself on a full-time basis to Captain Ahab Charters. 

Family and friends often commented on Broadus’ obsession with fishing Delacroix. While watching the movie Moby Dick, he was told that he was more obsessed with fishing than Captain Ahab was in pursuing the white whale. The label Captain Ahab in referencing Broadus stuck and before long, he was being introduced to others as Captain Ahab.

Captain Ahab has fished the Delacroix area for over 25 years. His experience in fishing the same area enables him to track the seasonal movements of redfish, trout and flounder, as well as understanding the seasonal baits on which these species feed. 

“There’s an old saying in fishing,” says Broadus, “Match the hatch. So when picking what bait to use, you want to use a bait resembles that which trout and redfish are feeding on.” Broadus has been seen numerous times on television with Frank Davis (Frank Davis Fishing and Game Report) and fishes 150 to 200 days out of the year. His time on the water allows him to maintain a pulse of the environment, the conditions, and location of the fish. 

Captain Ahab encourages and enjoys fishing with newcomers as well as seasoned anglers and finds every opportunity to make sure everyone on his boat takes away some new knowledge about fishing, about estuaries, habits of redfish and speckled trout or something as simple as knot tying and fishing techniques.

Captain Ron "Ahab" Broadus Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries License #: 052-8483-530

Fishing out of Delacroix (New Orleans) with a guide like Captain Ahab is simply an exciting adventure. There is nothing more satisfying than coming home with an ice chest full with speckled trout, brim, red fish and more! Charter fishing with an experienced captain like Capt. Ahab is a recipe for success in fishing.

Check out some of our photos in the gallery. Talk to Captain Ahab on our featured forum called "On the Dock." Find out what's biting, where to go, or just book your charter and secure your spot. Stay overnight at Delacroix Joe's and let our good captain (Ron Broadus) cook for your group. There is simply nothing better than waking up on the water with the smell of Louisiana cooking permeating the air. Get in a full day of fishing and come back with a full ice chest of red fish or maybe a mess of speckled trout.

Warm Louisiana waters are the perfect sanctuary for redfish and speckled trout. You've never experienced fun and fishing like you will in Delacroix, Louisiana on a Captain Ahab's Charter Fishing Trip.

Ron “Captain Ahab” Broadus is, even by the locals' standards, an expert on redfish and speckled trout fishing in Delacroix, Louisiana. Capt. Ahab has been fishing these waters for decades and knows every nook and cranny. 
His expertise in where they are biting, what they are biting on, where to go by what weather conditions makes a Captain Ahab Charter Fishing Trip truly the best choice when choosing a guide.

Featured by local celebrity Frank Davis on WWL TV, Captain Ahab knows the science of these fish and can find them even when they’re hard to snag.

Captain Ahab shares his knowledge of the area, expertise on fishing these waters fish, and applies it to your perfect fishing adventure.

Corporate fishing packages are also available.

Captain Ahab fishes from a Gator Bay 2410 all fiberglass boat. The boat is over 24 feet long, with non-skid diamond tread decks and is equipped with bait wells, fish well, dry boxes, etc. We provide Shimano and Okuma spinning reels and rods but you are always welcome to use your own equipment.

Day Trip Package:

2 Fishers $500
3 Fishers $600
4 Fishers $800
5 Fishers $900 

Captain Broadus operates Captain Ahab Charters. Ron “Captain Ahab” Broadus is, even by the locals' standards, an expert on redfish and speckled trout fishing in Delacroix, Louisiana. Capt. Ahab has been fishing these waters for decades and knows every nook and cranny. Call Captain Ron Broadus today for your next event... (504)-914-6063.

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