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Captain Michael Gray charters for Cajun Odysea out of Venice, Louisiana. Venice, Louisiana charter fishing is the closest port to the deep water Canyons in the Gulf of Mexico that hold HUGE Pelagic Fish. Captain Gray is a systematic Captain that runs his own business like his ship, clean, orderly and with excellence. Call today to schedule your next professional or family outing... 1 (504) 715-8520.

Venice Louisiana Offshore Fishing at it's finest. Venice Tuna fishing is the most exhilarating of all fishing experiences. Fish on! Fish on! How sweet the sound; Screaming drags and expressions of "Whoa, did you see that" are frequent expressions offshore in Venice Louisiana. You know those television shows where you said; "Just once I would like to experience Offshore fishing like that?" Well now you can, right here in Venice, Louisiana. We've not re-invented the wheel nor do we have a potion to sell. Hey, we all charter fish and we all have horror stories but not on my boat, the Cajun Odysea. It is my responsibility to provide you with the Offshore Blue-Water Experience of a lifetime. I understand your scheduling is difficult, and I appreciate the fact you prefer to fish the richest most fertile Pelagic Fishing Grounds in the Gulf of Mexico, right here in Venice, Louisiana and with the most respected charter business for Offshore action.

Sit back; relax knowing YOUR experience is the most important day on my books. Whether this Offshore Tuna trip is something you do often or if this is a **Special** "Once in a lifetime" Offshore fishing adventure, your day has the same extraordinary importance to me.

If you're the boss showing employees - reward for job well done - or you're TOP salesmen treating clients, rest assured you have made the right decision for pure enjoyment with your safety and satisfaction as our first concerns!

Best Fishes-
Captain Mike Gray

P.S. Go offshore tuna fishing once in Venice, Louisiana, and you'll throw rocks at "Touristy" fishing destinations. Matter of a fact glimmering sand, emerald beaches and slow sport fishing vessels will turn your stomach!!

My Promise:
Venice Louisiana offshore weather can be fickle so
I promise to watch the weather and only take you fishing in safe conditions! Hey, I don't have to hurt people or ruin your day on the water to make a few bucks.
I promise to cancel or re-schedule your trip just as soon as I know the weather will be a factor.
I promise to produce the absolute most exciting, no holds barred, kick ass experience you can have on the water with your clothes on!

Daily Rate:
$1,300.00 plus Marina Ticket------My daily preparation begins long before you ever arrive. I start by putting fresh ice in the hold and on your drinks/food. We purchase fresh bait daily and we catch live bait as needed and available. Your day will not be finished until your catch is perfectly cleaned, placed into baggies and loaded into your cold ice chest. That's the way we roll...
*Marina Ticket is defined as* = Cost for bait, fuel and ice for your day on the water.

Overnight Trips will be provided if requested -----If I feel the fish are off during the day we may fish an overnight trip..... However, two days allows you more time on the water and two shots at your trophy for the same cost as one Overnighter (as we call 'em.) If an Overnighter is on your "Bucket List" we will certainly accommodate you to the Offshore Tuna Feeding Orgy that takes place under the night lights of the Offshore Floaters!

Multiple boats and captains-----If your party is large and you need additional boats, Relax; One thing about Venice, Louisiana and my peers (you can't choose a bad captain in Venice) I will arrange extra boats and captains to accommodate your group.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Captain Mike, how many anglers can you accommodate per boat?
The maximum anglers that I can accommodate on my boat and the boats that work in my network are *6* anglers. HOWEVER, I recommend *4* anglers. The reason I recommend less anglers is because your day on the water is your special trip and overcrowding is a main reason for disappointment.

What time do we leave in the mornings? Where do we meet you? And what time do we return in the afternoons?
I ask that you meet me in the mornings at 6AM. We will load your things on the boat, say our pleasantries, go over safety information and shove off ASAP.... The Cajun Odysea fleet departs from Venice Marina store/fuel dock. The physical address for Venice Marina in case you are loading your GPS is 237 Sports Marina Road, Venice, Louisiana 70091. We will return late in the afternoon between 5/6 PM unless we are on an afternoon bite; if you are OK with a late arrival, Hell who knows!!

How do we pay and when do we pay? Do we need to give you a deposit?
When you book your day on the water I will request a credit card of your choice to place a date reservation deposit. The day we fish you will be asked to pay for your trip at the end. You can write a check, you can apply the balance to your credit card or the captains preferred method is small un-marked bills !! :) Just kidding, but Cash is accepted. And occasionally, we have been known to make swaps to include junk cars, chickens and farm animals, gold bars, hunting trips and condo stays in the mountains :) .....

Will I fish with you? OR will I fish with one of your approved Captains? What is an approved Captain?
Because I'm busy taking calls, replying to e-mails, setting up trips, arranging lodging and working with inshore guides, I log less days on the water. The chances of fishing with me personally become less as my responsibilities to www.CajunOdysea.com become more....Cajun Odysea has a network of Captains so we can accommodate large parties and multiple bookings. The benefits to you when fishing with www.CajunOdysea.com are that I have hand selected what I consider the best of the best.. Additionally, my "Approved Captains" communicate among our network so we know EXACTLY where the fish are and what they are biting.... An "Approved Captain" is a captain that has produced consistent catches and has the knowledge to make your day on the water a success. But, equally important is the personality and ability of our "Approved Captains" to make your day offshore a fun, fish catching experience. I know some of the best captains that produce catches day in and day out but their people skills and their personality is not conducive to a fun, relaxing, stress free day on the water. With my group of hand chosen "Approved Captains" you will be fishing with a professional that knows his business, has your safety as his first priority and brings you into the action through involvement at whatever level you desire; some customers tell us it's like fishing with old friends, and that makes us happy !!!

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