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Since Capt. Stanley Coulon started the business more than 35 years ago, his family's name has been synonymous with some of the top offshore guides in Louisiana Sport Fishing. Although Coulon's Sport Fishing recently changed the name of their business to Delta Blue Sport Fishing, Inc., Capt. John Coulon remains dedicated to the same ideals that his father held. 

It's all about catching fish... BIG FISH ...and knowing where to go to catch them. The Gulf of Mexico is a haven for the most desirable fish species like Red Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Cobia, Amberjack, Grouper, Blackfin Tuna or monstrous Yellowfin Tuna, Bull Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) and King Mackerel. Let's not forget the trophy Bull Redfish, Pompano and Spanish Mackerel that also call these waters home. The region called the lower Mississippi Delta is widely known as possibly the most prolific marine estuary around the world. And today, veteran sport anglers in every continent are calling it a world-class fishing destination. "There's no question about it. It is one of the best areas in the world," said Capt. John, of Empire, who over the years has become sort of a South Louisiana fishing icon. "There's just so much here to offer. We've got it all."

Even Coulon's two boats have risen to near-legendary status. The Early Bird and The Cougar, custom-built, U.S.C.G. approved, 46- and 47-foot steel and aluminum-hulled vessels, have been involved in many of the most productive fishing excursions on the entire Gulf Coast. These classic fishing boats were custom built in Louisiana. Capt. John's fleet represents two out of the three largest fishing boats in the Empire area and can accommodate up to twenty anglers per boat at a time. For years, Coulon's Sport Fishing has been the place for friends, neighbors, clubs, small businesses and large corporations, to book fishing trips. Coulon and his crew will take customers to fish for almost any species. If it swims, then they know how to catch it.

Within close proximity to the Continental Shelf, this part of the Gulf of Mexico holds two vital elements of a productive offshore fishery structure, both manmade and natural, and astounding depths that are uncommonly close to shore. Among the natural bottom features in this area are shell reefs, salt domes, hills, craters and slopes. Some of the manmade bottom structures include wrecks, sunken barges and possibly the greatest attribute to fishing in the Gulf - thousands of offshore rigs and platforms. These rigs scattered throughout the West Delta, South Pass and Main Pass oil fields, are the basis of the food chain. These structures harbor every living marine creature, from the tiniest microscopic organism, to the largest predacious game fish.

Delta Blue Sport Fishing offers extremely competitive rates. Trips can be booked for weekday, weekend, overnight, and tuna excursions. Each boat can accommodate up-to 20 anglers. Delta Blue will also book both boats on the same day to accommodate larger parties (up-to 40 people). 

1-12 Persons $2,000.00, each additional person - $100.00
Tuna & Overnight Trips Prices by Request

$200.00 Deposit Confirms Date
Rates Subject to Change

For more information on our competitive rates and for bookings, phone:
(504) 912-8907 - Cell 

Delta Blue Sport Fishing provides everything except food and drinks. Bring plenty of water, sunscreen, sun glasses, a hat, and an ice chest to bring home all of those fillets. Fish cleaning available at the dock for a modest price.

Salt water fishing license required.

And don’t forget the camera. You’ll also want to bring home all of those memories.

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