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Dan Bryan

Leeville, LA
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CAPTAIN DAN BRYAN, “BIG DOG," has almost 25 years experience as a licensed Maritime Captain with the Coast Guard and licensed Fishing Guide with the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission. He chartered during the day with a rod and bowfished at night. He got started bow fishing in 2006 and after 25 years hasn't looked back.

Bow fishing is one of the most thrilling and unique ways to fish there is. Come fish the marshes of Leeville, Louisiana located just north of Grand Isle. We leave around dark in the airboats with LED lights and cruise the marshes looking for fish.

Capt. Dan started out entering Bass Tournaments and selling his handmade fishing tackle in LA, AR, TX and MS. In 2000, he then moved to South Louisiana along with his younger brother, Capt. Darel Bryan, to help his dad, Capt. Bobby Bryan, day fish and build his business, Marsh Masters Guide Service and Marsh Masters RV Park in Leeville, LA near Grand Isle.

Capt. Dan began his own charter guide service, Dan Bryan Guide Service, LLC. and started his own day fishing business.

How did he get into bowfishing you may ask? During this time, his brother Capt. Darel Bryan, Marsh Masters Bowfishing started bowfishing and he needed a second airboat as his trips increased so Capt. Dan would day fish and then night bowfish. Capt. Dan started getting his own clients and formed BIG DOG BOWFISHING. With Capt. Dan's expert bowfishing instructions and guidance, we manage to make even the least likely folks pretty good with a bow and arrow. Ladies, we don't leave you out. Some of our best groups are ladies, and guys, they can hammer the fish!

Growing up in North Louisiana (Downsville, LA) on a family owned catfish farm, Bryan’s Catfish Farm and having a father who was an avid fisherman, Captain and Fishing Guide, it’s no wonder that he has followed in his father’s footsteps along with his younger brother, Captain Darel Bryan, and now his own son, Captain Matt Bryan.

On site lodging with cable, microwave, refrigerator, and coffee pot in each room.

<>Capt. Dan also owns B&B Boat Lifts, LLC. He sells, installs and maintains boat lifts for all Louisiana and the Central Coast of Mississippi.

To book your trip with Captain Dan, call 985-637-6074

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