South / Mississippi River Basin Report

Posted Oct. 10, 2017

By Richard Fischer
LCBA Communications Manager

With a fertile estuary thanks to this basin’s location at and near the mouth of the Mississippi River, the South / Mississippi River Region is a constant favorite for locals and tourists, alike.

After all, where else in the world can you catch tuna, red snapper, trout and redfish within a matter of a few hours?

And if you like bass, blue gills and catfish, you can catch those here too.

For inshore fishing, this basin has the luxury of wind protection, because our captains have the option to fish on either side of the Mississippi River.

And offshore fishing out of Venice is legendary for good reason. It’s a rush unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced!

Fall fishing is amazing here, but you’ll get a bite 12 months out of the year.

They don’t say, “You can fish anywhere, but you catch fish here,” for nothing!

Thanks to area captains Isaac and Raymond Schmitt for participating in the embedded video.

Click here for a full list of our captains in this region.

For tourists, here’s a brief breakdown of some of the attractions in this area:

Fort Jackson is a National Historic Landmark and is located in southern Plaquemines Parish. It was the site of a Civil War battle and was used for military purposes between its construction in the 1800s until after WWI

Established in 1935, the Delta National Wildlife Refuge is a 49,000 of lush vegetation, which serves as the food source for fish, waterfowl and animals. The Refuge is the winter home for hundreds of thousands of snow geese, coots and ducks.

The Woodlands Conservancy provides a habitat for the hundreds of millions of birds that travel along the Mississippi Flyway, giving them a place to eat and rest. There is a Bird Observatory as well as many walks and hikes for bird lovers.

This area is about an hour or an hour and a half from New Orleans, making the tourism possibilities endless.


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