Louisiana Saltwater Fishing: October Recap / November Outlook

Posted Oct. 31, 2016

By Richard Fischer
LCBA Communications Manager

What’s that in the air?

A chill?

That’s exactly what we’ve been waiting for!

The weather has finally cooled off a bit, and that means the fish are coming back into the marsh. They’ll stay through the winter as long as it doesn’t get abnormally cold.

Colder weather also means MONSTER BULL REDS. These guys get huge because they eat everything and nothing eats them! Our captains know where the flats are that come off deep bayous where the big boys play, and it’s not uncommon to catch bull reds that are more than 30 pounds and more than 40 inches. Talk about a rush!

We’re also fortunate this time of year to have a “red tide,” where thousands and thousands of redfish stack up on top of one another near our state’s barrier islands. It’s a bit of a ride to get out there depending on which Louisiana port you’re leaving from, but the sheer numbers make the trip so worth it. You can find lots of trout too out by the barrier islands. Just look at this for proof!


We’ve seen tons of wind throughout south Louisiana during the month of October, which has made catching fish more difficult but still possible with the help of our knowledgeable and skilled captains. Regardless of the weather conditions, you can always find fish in our state thanks to the lush and fertile marshes we’re blessed to have. You just have to know where to look sometimes, and our experienced captains certainly do.

The trout have been in crazy numbers lately in the Central / Grand Isle and the Central / Houma basins. How bout this picture from October of two trout on one line!


We can’t guarantee two at a time every time, but we’re getting to the time of the year where fishermen can reel in a trout just about every cast!

This is a great time of year for the redfish bite in the New Orleans East Basin (including Lake Catherine and Lake Pontchartrain as well as Delacroix, Hopedale, Lake Borgne and Shell Beach), featuring tons of limits and throwbacks. Chatterbaits and weedless worms, to name a couple, have been getting the job done. The trout and bull reds are easily accessible too.

Over in the New Orleans West Basin, the trout bite has been the talk of the month. The weapons of choice: Chartreuse beetles and electric chicken Bomber mud minnows. The redfish bite has been no slouch either. Just watch out for a Jack Crevalle slamming your bait and pulling you off the boat!

In the West / Lake Charles Lafayette Basin (including Lake Charles and Sabine Lake as well as Vermillion), limits of trout and flounder have been daily occurrences. Whether you’re using plastics or live bait, these fish are hungry! Big redfish can be had in this basin also.

Our captains have stated that redfish are down this year in South / Mississippi River Region (including Buras and Empire as well as Boothville and Venice) lately and more difficult to catch lately. Our captains are still waiting for the Mississippi River stage to fall and clear up, something that should help our captains haul in more redfish. We expect that to happen in the coming weeks, hopefully before you’re reading this. But this area is still known as the “Redfish Capital of the World” so a cold streak here in still pretty doggone good compared to most fisheries.

Offshore fishermen here and throughout the Gulf South have had the numbers of species they can harvest reduced dramatically for the remainder of the year and beyond due to overharvest in previous months or years, but our offshore guides are still getting the job done for their customers. The beauty of fishing bellow Louisiana is if you can’t take a few species, that’s okay, because there’s so many more out there that you can still come home with hundreds of pounds of fish in the ice chest even if you have to throw a bunch of fish back.

On one final note, Louisiana’s historic flooding in August has resulted in fewer charter trips for many of our captains because many of their in-state customers have been displaced. If ever there was a time for fishermen from other parts of the country looking to enjoy the wonder fishery that south Louisiana has to offer, this is it.

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