Louisiana Saltwater Fishing: November Recap / December Outlook

Posted Nov. 30, 2016

By Richard Fischer
LCBA Communications Manager

One of the more peculiar Novembers in the history of Louisiana saltwater fishing has come to an end, but thanks to the experience and expertise of our guides, customers are still coming back to dock with smiles on their faces and fish to take home.

Our offshore guides have pretty much hung it up for the year, and some of our inshore guides are slowing down into the holiday spirit also, but we’ve still got plenty of guides heading out and catching fish for their customers.

In some areas, like in our South – Mississippi River Region (north and south), warm and dry conditions have redfish acting like it’s still late summer. They’re still schooled up chasing pogey most days. That's a behavior that usually ends by mid-October.

But all that means is that the fish are in different patterns than usual, and our knowledgeable captains are consistently able to figure out this new late-year pattern and put their customers on the fish.

We have to assume that this will persist until the weather cools down, but fortunately our captains have navigated these waters long enough to be able to adjust on the fly and find the fish wherever the weather may have them hiding.

Just a tad to the north, however, in our New Orleans East (north and south) and West regions, the redfish have settled into their fall patterns, and our captains had no problem quickly adjusting appropriately.


Our sight-fishers really enjoy this time of year because the water is clearer than in the much warmer months. This allows guides and customers to see redfish swim up to the boat – sometimes in schools! Not only does this help you target them, but it’s quite a rush when you see dinner swimming toward you!

Fortunately, the weather hasn’t seemed to negate the trout bite across southern Louisiana except on days when the wind is whipping. Many of our captains are having no problem limiting out most days. Even sometimes before 9 or 10 a.m. Cooler weather will be welcome though as trout aught to be easily accessible in deeper water with little current. Just bounce a plastic off the bottom, and these trout won’t be able to resist a one-way ticket into your captain’s boat!


Black drum, sheepshead and flounder are also found to fill up the box, including this pictured gigantic flounder that you might as well be able to use as a floor mat!


Redfish and trout are also a dime a dozen in the Central – Grand Isle, Central – Houma and West – Lake Charles Lafayette regions right now. If you love inshore fishing, now is the time to book your trip.

Bait of choice is really up to the captain or the experienced customer, but gold spoons, DrumBeater spinner baits, Shrimp Creole Matrix Shad on a ¼ oz. jig head, Shrimp Creole under a cork and soaking shrimp are just a few of the techniques our captains use for success. This wide range really speaks to the resourcefulness of our captains in their ability to find something that’s going to work regardless of what the weather throws their way and what type of fish they’re targeting.

On one final note, the marsh appears to be very healthy for redfish with tons of baitfish, shrimp and crabs in the area. This is a great sign for the long-term stability of this fishery, and it means great Louisiana fishing ain’t going nowhere!

So browse through our guides and pick one out for the trip of a lifetime!


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