Follow the Coast for Fire-Hot Trout Fishing, Dularge Fishing Guide Says

Hurricane Harvey storm surge pushed in shrimp, making fishing easy

Posted Sept. 5, 2017


Photo courtesy Louisiana Sportsman

By Andy Crawford
Louisiana Sportsman Editor Emeritus

Dularge fishing guide Capt. Marty LaCoste answered the phone laughing.

"I've got (a trout) on right now," the owner of Absolute Fishing Charters said when asked if he was on the water. "Whoa! I've got a double!"

LaCoste said trout fishing south of Dularge has been better than ever after the Hurricane Harvey storm surge receded.

"That's typical of what happens when you get a storm like we had," he explained. "It pushes the high-salinity water in, it pushes the shrimp in."

And trout follow the bait.

The guide told Louisiana Sportsman this morning that he was out scouting, so he wasn't staying in any one location long.

That didn't hurt his success rate, however.

"We've left fishing biting at every stop we've made," LaCoste said. "The shrimp are literally everywhere.

"Shrimp are jumping out of the water everywhere. Birds are working everywhere."

Plastics were key to getting bites, he said.

"We're fishing all plastics," LaCoste explained. "We're fishing double rigs, under corks and topwaters: We're catching on all three."

Catches were mostly school trout; however, there was no shortage of action.

"You have to weed through them, but it's every cast," LaCoste said.

Finding willing specks is pretty easy: Just head south to the coastline.

"We're not offshore at all. There's some (fish) in Sister Lake and Bay Junop," Lacost said. "But you can head to the coast and follow the bank and look for birds."

Just be ready to set the hook when you bring the boat off plane.


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