Federally-Permitted Captains Can Receive Free Electronic Logbook for Participating in Pilot Study

Posted March 13, 2017

By Richard Fischer
LCBA Communications Manager

Following the Gulf Council’s vote to mandate electronic logbooks for the federally-permitted charter-for-hire fleet, captains should be aware of a pilot study which will provide them with a free electronic logbook. The cost of the electronic logbook is covered by a grant secured by LDWF.

The free electronic logbook comes with participation in a pilot study.

The captain will be allowed to keep the electronic logbook after the pilot study ends.

Electronic logbooks can cost several thousands of dollars, and with the expectation that captains will need to purchase the device themselves in two or three years, we encourage Louisiana’s federally-permitted charter-for-hire fleet to consider this program.

There is a monthly operating fee the captain would be responsible for, however, which would likely run between $35 and $70.

Those interested in participating in the pilot study should contact CLS America at support@clsamerica.com.


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