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King Mackerel ()
King Mackerel
State Record:
82 pounds, W. D. Lamb, 1980

King mackerel have two dorsal fins. The first is often folded into the back groove. They are olive-colored on the back fading to silver on the sides, and white underneath.


These subtropical fish tend to stick to depths of 40 to 150 feet. Larger-sized mackerel are often seen nearshore at mouths of lagoons and harbors, or near oil platforms.

State Record

82 pounds, W. D. Lamb, 1980

Fishing Tips

Drifting or trolling with small, stripped baits work best. King mackerels will take spoons, jigs, and casting lures as well. When trolling, chumming can help bring the fish in. Use porgies (menhaden), squid, or shrimp for bait.

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